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      However, due to the considerable number of aluminum alloy plates, and the requirements of all industries for the surface hardness of sheet metal, the use of wire drawing aluminum sheet is also very knowledgeable, and some production enterprises are not very clear about the application scope of sheet metal.

      The most common base material is pure aluminum plate. Its alloy grades are 1050, 1060 and 1100, and the purity of its aluminum plate can reach 99%. It can be said that this is a series of aluminum with the largest number of all aluminum alloy panels. And this series of plates without some other elements of the technology, compared with the entire production process is relatively simple, so the cost of control, is a relatively cheap, it is because of these advantages, so in the application of conventional industrial products is extremely broad.
      In fact, pure aluminum is soft, not suitable for aerospace products, due to the space requirements for the product sheet is very strict, often using aluminum alloy, and the plate code generally starts with 2A, drawing aluminum surface hardness of the series is relatively high, and the copper content is quite high, probably accounted for 3-5%. Of course, according to its requirements and uses, aeronautical products will add other alloy elements to meet the technical requirements of the product.
      At present, a lot of household appliances and car bottom and other applications are more complex products, especially in the southern humid weather. These products mainly require rust prevention, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.
      And this kind of product will usually make 3000 series of drawing aluminum plate, add the main components of the manganese series plates, is a good material for anti rust capability, is usually used in air conditioners, refrigerators and underbody, use of the environment more complex products, especially in the south of the moist environment, the more widely used.
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