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      德誠花紋鋁板的優異特性 花紋鋁板產業的快速發展,產品種類繁多,在我們生活中具有廣泛的應用。鎂鋁7075具有加工功能極佳、出色的抗腐蝕性、耐性高及加工后不變形、上色膜簡略、氧化效果極佳等優異特征。
      The rapid development of the industry pattern aluminum pattern aluminum the excellent characteristics of Decheng, a wide range of products, has been widely used in our life. Magnesium aluminum 7075 has excellent processing function, excellent corrosion resistance, high tolerance and non deformation after processing, simple color film, excellent oxidation effect and so on.
      Of course, its 7075 aluminum plate, suitable for building decoration materials. It is rich in a small amount of Cu alloy aluminum plate, so the strength is higher than 7075, but the quenching sensitivity is also of certain advantage. The excellent properties of Decheng pattern aluminum

      Al-Mg-Si alloy aluminum plate, medium strength, with excellent plastic and excellent corrosion resistance. In particular, the stress free corrosion cracking tendency of aluminum alloy plate is excellent because of its excellent weldability, slow growth, aluminum alloy plate, corrosion resistance and cold workability. Aluminum alloy plate is a widely used and very promising alloy. The anodic oxidation coloring can effectively cooperate, and the enamel alloy can also be painted at 7075 higher than that of the same period. The air quenched aluminum alloy plate can not be achieved after kneading, and the aluminum alloy plates need to be treated by solid solution and quenching aging. The excellent properties of Decheng pattern aluminum
      LY12 aluminum plate and other products must be paid attention to prevent the harm of aluminum. To avoid the hazard of aluminum has three main methods: one is not to use aluminum salt such as potassium aluminum sulfate (KAI (SO4) 2) as a purifying agent; the two is to use aluminum products for cooking; three is to eat less salt containing more food additive (such as Deep-Fried Dough Sticks). The excellent properties of Decheng pattern aluminum
      Aluminum Aluminum Alloy materials play an important role in our lives, but it contains ingredients of food or cooking is not used directly, so we should pay attention to, as far as possible the use of iron, alloy steel, harmless to our body to ensure our physical health. The excellent properties of Decheng pattern aluminum
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