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      Usually, a series of aluminum plate electrolysis cells are connected in series, and the current of each cell is equal. The main parameter to control the heat gain of the electrolytic cell is voltage.
      According to the formula W=IVT, the higher the voltage of the trough, the more heat income, the low voltage of the trough and the low heat income. If the current and molecular ratio are basically stable, if we want to form the ideal furnace, we must gradually reduce the slot voltage, reduce the heat consumption of the electrolytic cell, and promote the crystallization of the polymer material on the side. Because the higher the temperature of the electrolyzer is, the greater the superheat of the electrolyte is. The formation of the furnace is only at the initial temperature of the electrolyte approaching to the electrolyte, then it will precipitate on the side wall and form crystals, and gradually form the furnace side.

      If the furnace is too thick, easy to melt your legs, and the level of paralysis of aluminum, the current efficiency decreased, encounter this kind of situation, raise the appropriate voltage, increasing the heat income, the thickness of the furnace for melting, increase heat dissipation, reduce the bottom temperature, the formation of extension.
      The decorative layer should be decorated with mortar, decorated with mortar and other lightweight functional coatings or excellent waterborne exterior wall coatings, so that the aluminum silicate board maintains its lightweight characteristics, and also increases its beauty. Aluminum plate accessories mainly use various coatings, on the one hand, increase the surface color of aluminum silicate board, so that it can be applied to any environment, and paint can to a certain extent its role in flame retardant and thermal insulation.
      Silicate aluminum is mainly used for the electric power industry, electric power boiler, steam turbine and thermal power, shipbuilding, construction, fire insulation fire doors fire insulation, chemical industrial high temperature and heating equipment of the wall lining, car and train manufacturing, fire prevention, heat insulation, furnace lining, door, roof cover.
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