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      The aluminum single board of the whole aluminum sheet project is not directly produced in one time according to the drawings, and is directly handed over to the constructor. But after the production of a batch of goods is completed, the construction workers are fully installed, and then the next batch of production and processing. This requires a product error can not be single aluminum plate processing factory is too large, a very small initial error, it will make the later processing of single aluminum plate facing the problem data, easy installation is not the problem, is the so-called "a difference".
      In this regard, the whole aluminum sheet processing industry is actually related to the national recommendation standard. In this standard, the corresponding parameters are carefully and strictly regulated. The size and specification of the aluminum sheet is usually made up of thickness, length, width, height of folded edge, diagonal difference and so on. The length and width determine the basic shape of the whole aluminum sheet, and the thickness can affect the performance of the whole aluminum plate.

      The error range of the thickness is less than 0.1mm, regardless of the aluminum sheet type. When the length and width of an aluminum sheet is less than or equal to 2000mm, the maximum error allowed by the length and width is 1mm. When the length and width are larger than 2000mm, the error of length and width can not exceed 1.5mm.
      There is no relation between the error range of the height of the folded edge and the size of the plate surface of the aluminum sheet, and can never exceed 0.5mm. The allowable error range of diagonal difference is that when the length of aluminum plate is less than or equal to 2000mm, the allowable error is 2mm. If the length is greater than 2000mm, the error value can't exceed 3mm.
      Sheet metal processing aluminum single plate is in the production line, by skilled workers in machine production, due to various reasons, the single aluminum plate makes the processing out there may be some error, but this error must be controlled in a certain range, which is otherwise unqualified products. These errors must be reduced as much as possible and better if they are completely avoided! It is necessary to pay attention to accuracy, whether it is sheet metal processing or spraying process.
      I believe that after reading the introduction of this paper, we will have some understanding of the http://www.mallhometrade.com of aluminum coil manufacturer, and we can solve some other problems later.