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        Fluorocarbon coated aluminum coil is a copolymer of vinylidene fluoride homopolymer and vinylidene monomer. In chemical structure, fluorocarbon bond is the main form, and it is very strong. The fluorocarbon aluminum roll has excellent mechanical properties and chemical properties, mechanical aspects of wear resistance, impact resistance, especially has good function in very bad weather, can be used for a long time does not fade, also can resist ultraviolet radiation, but also has good weatherability.
        Fluorocarbon coated aluminum rolls have a wide range of colors and very good appearance, adding a lot of brilliance to the building. The coating manufacturers have also positioned the service life of fluorocarbon coatings. From the initial ten years to the current twenty years, it can be said that the value of coated aluminum coil has been greatly increased.

        Polyester coated aluminum coil is a kind of painted aluminum coil. It is formed after many times of baking. It is very strong, has the characteristics of protection and decoration, it can resist ultraviolet rays, and it is a high molecular polymer.
        The general also added alkyd resin, the resin can absorb ultraviolet selective, such as gloss selection, with rich colors, and has good gloss and smoothness, in fact, have experienced people know, it feels good to touch, very smooth, have a sense of the level of clear and stereo sense.
        If you are using polyester coating aluminum coil protection objects, can free of ultraviolet light and exposed to wind and rain attacks, but also high temperature and freeze thawing, has a good protective effect, suitable for indoor decoration, there is advertising board making can be used.
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