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      1. When using the aluminum plate to produce the mold, it is necessary to choose the appropriate heating temperature. The alloy components of the extruded ingot must be strictly controlled. At present, the general enterprises require the grain size of ingot to reach the first grade standard, in order to enhance the plasticity and reduce the various heterosexual.
      2. The front work belt of the aluminum sheet production die must be polished and polished, and the working belt is generally required to be polished to the mirror. Check for the flatness and perpendicularity of the die working belt before assembly.

      3, the aluminum plate production mold holding time is generally about 2-3 hours, but it can not exceed 8 hours, otherwise the mold working nitrided layer hardness will decrease, resulting in the machine wear-resisting, causing rough surface profile, and serious will cause the marking and other defects.
      4, before extrusion production, we need to fully calculate the cross section of the section, and determine the tonnage size of the extruder according to the complexity of the section section, the thickness of the wall and the extrusion coefficient.
      5, when the aluminum plate production mold is unloaded, the mold temperature will be above 500 degree C. If immersion in alkali water immediately, because the temperature of alkali water is much lower than that of the mold, if the mold temperature drops rapidly, the mold will easily crack. The correct method is to put the mold in the air to 100 -150 C and then immerse in the alkali water after the mold is unloaded.
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