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      1, for the coated aluminum coil, all the substrates will remain some grease and lubricants during the production process. Of course, during transportation, they may stick to other substances. If these oils and adhesions are not removed, the aluminum coating will be affected.

      In 2, clean up the surface of the substrate through chemical processing to generate stable conversion film, thereby improving the corrosion resistance and adhesion of coating substrate. Substrate pretreatment technology with coating technology production and produce, it is for the coating technical service, is for the preparation of excellent coating and lay the foundation.
      3, for the color coated aluminum coating, it is usually painted aluminum coating process by coating layers of paint coating process can be divided into three and two coating process and coating process of single three. According to the direction of rotation of the applicator roll and roll can be divided into direct coating and reverse coating two kinds of coating process. Get the required thickness, smooth appearance.