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      1. light weight; aluminum density is 2.73g/m3, only steel 1/3.
      2., high strength; high strength can be achieved through component configuration, processing and heat treatment.
      3., corrosion resistance. The oxide layer with self rust resistance can prevent oxidation and rust of metals, and is good for acid and alkali resistance.
      4., installation is convenient; aluminum metal can be riveted, welded, glued and other ways.
      5. environmental protection, 100% recyclable recycling.

      鋁鎂錳板的種類:A、原色錘紋 Stucco(無規則壓紋)、Emboss(規則壓紋)
      The types of aluminum, magnesium and manganese plates are A, primary color hammer, Stucco (irregular grain), Emboss (regular embossing).
      錘紋的主要目的: 1、增加鋁鎂錳板剛度;
      The main purpose of hammer stripe is as follows: 1, increase the stiffness of Al Mg Mn board.
      2, to prevent light pollution;
      3, more uniform oxidation.
      B、烤漆涂層 (PVDF、PVF2、PE);屋面及外墻用鋁鎂錳合金一般采用預滾涂(Coil Coated)工藝,具有色差控制好、漆膜均勻、質量穩定性高、環保等點。涂層種類一般選用含氟碳樹脂70%以上的PVDF氟碳漆。
      B, lacquer coating (PVDF, PVF2, PE); aluminum and magnesium manganese alloy in roof and exterior wall generally use Coil Coated technology, with good color difference control, uniform paint film, high quality stability, environmental protection and so on. The type of coating is generally PVDF fluorocarbon paint containing fluorocarbon resin more than 70%.
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