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      The density of aluminum is about 2.7, which is about 1/3 of common metals. The conductivity of commonly used aluminum conductors is about 61% of copper and the thermal conductivity is half of silver. Although pure aluminum is extremely soft and highly malleable, it can be hardened by cold working and alloy making. Bauxite is an important source of aluminum. It takes about two pounds of bauxite to make a pound of alumina, and a pound of metal aluminum needs two pounds of alumina.
      In the nature of aluminum, aluminum is mostly found in oxides, hydrides and aluminosilicate containing oxygen. At present, there are 258 known aluminum minerals, of which 43 are rare minerals. In fact, there are no aluminum deposits composed of pure minerals. They are generally symbiotic and mixed with impurities. From the point of view of economy and technology, not all aluminum minerals can become industrial raw materials. The main purpose of refining metal aluminum is bauxite composed of diaspore, diaspore and gibbsite.

      Diaspore is also known as bauxite. The structure and molecular formula are AlOOH and Al2O3? H2O in the trapezoid system, and the well crystallized people are columnar, plate, scaly, needle and prism. The bauxite in ore generally contains TiO2SiO2Fe2O3Ga2O3Nb2O5Ta2O5P2O3 and other isomorphic mixtures. Boehmite is soluble in acid and alkali, but it is very weak at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. It must be decomposed at high temperature and high pressure or strong acid or strong base. Diaspore is formed in acidic medium. It is symbiosis with monohydrate, hematite, goethite, kaolinite, chlorite and pyrite. Its hydration can be turned into gibbsite, dehydrated into alpha corundum, and can be metasomated by kaolinite, pyrite, siderite and chlorite.
      A diaspore, also known as bauxite and bauxite, is structured as AlOOH Al2O3? H2O, with a diamond shaped, prismatic, prismatic, needle like, fibrous and six angle plate. The bauxite in ore often contains Fe2O3TiO2Cr2OGa2O3 and other isomorphism. A water diaspore is soluble in acid and alkali. The mineral is formed in acidic medium, mainly in the accumulation of bauxite, and is characterized by symbiosis with siderite. It can be metasomatism by diaspore, gibbsite and kaolinite. Dehydration can be transformed into diaspore and Gangyu, and hydration can turn into gibbsite.
      Diaspore, also known as bauxite and hydrooxystasite, structure AlOH molecular formula is Al2O3? 3H2O monoclinic system, and the perfect crystallizer is six angles and prism, often with fine crystalline aggregate or double crystal. Or mechanical mixing. Gibbsite is soluble in acid and alkali, and its powder is heated to 100 degrees, and it can be completely dissolved by 2H. Gibbsite is formed in acidic medium. The weathering crust deposit is primary mineral, and is intergrowth with kaolinite, goethite, hematite and illite. The dehydration of gibbsite can turn into a bauxite, diaspore and Gangyu, and can be metasomatic by kaolinite and kaolinite.
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