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      The biggest feature of aluminum plate is its light weight and wide use. It is suitable for aviation, architecture, decoration, industry and many other industries. Aluminum has a high cost performance, second only to the electrical conductivity of copper, but the price is much cheaper than the price of copper, so now many people choose aluminum as the main material for wire.
      1060、3003、5052是目前常用的幾種鋁板,被廣泛用于保溫材料,裝修材料,模具等行業。不同鋁板有不同的狀態和工藝性能?,F在我們來介紹一下鋁板中常見的狀態H18、H24 、H32是什意思又有什么不同。
      1060, 3003 and 5052 are commonly used aluminum plates, which are widely used in thermal insulation materials, decoration materials, molds and other industries. Different aluminum plates have different state and technological properties. Now let's talk about the common state of aluminum plates, H18, H24 and H32.
      The H in the above state refers to the strength of the aluminum sheet strengthened by work hardening, and the two Arabia digit added after H (called the HXX state). The first digit number behind the H indicates the basic processing program to get the state. H1: the state of work hardening. H2: the state of working hardening and incomplete annealing. H3: Processing hardening and stabilizing treatment state. The state of the aluminum plate is different in different properties.

      The characteristics of aluminum:
      1, machinability: the machinability of aluminum is excellent. In all kinds of state of the deformed aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy, the machining characteristics change very much.
      2. Formability: specific tensile strength, yield strength, ductility and the corresponding work hardening rate govern the variation of allowable deformation.
      3. Forgability: aluminum alloy can be forged into various shapes and various forgings. Link aluminum can be connected in various ways, including welding, resistance welding, hard welding, soft welding, bonding, riveting and bolting.
      4. Recyclability: aluminum has a high recyclability. The properties of recycled aluminum are almost the same as that of native aluminum.
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