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      There are too many impurities in the aluminum plate, and the aluminum parts can be shot up, and the oxide layer on the aluminum parts will be destroyed, it can not be handled very clean, a part of the oxide layer remains on it. Shot is to make the work in the part to be further compacted, usually 3 kilogram force per square centimeter, such as the existence of die casting quality problems, such as air holes, bubbles, cold septum and so on, in the shot hit real time will produce the skin phenomenon, which is not the same as the die-casting peeling, to distinguish.


      Oxidation corrosion of aluminum plates is often encountered in the thermal insulation industry, and it is also a difficult situation to deal with. The oxidation of normal conditions means that after the aluminum plate is used, for example, after the pipe is wrapped, the surface of the aluminum plate will completely contact with the air to form a layer of oxide film, which will protect the aluminum coil from further corrosion, so the aluminum plate will not corrode even after the use of rain and outdoor exposure. Corrosive oxidation means that the aluminum coil is not used before it is used, because the surface of the aluminum plate is not fully exposed to air and has not formed a protective layer. In this case, the water in the wet gas will react with the surface of the aluminum plate if the aluminum plate is flooded, and the moisture in the wet gas will react with the surface of the aluminum plate, causing the corrosion of the aluminum plate and the corroded aluminum plate. There will be signs of corrosion, bad situation will be black Ukraine, like burned. However, after the corrosion occurs, there will be no two damage to the aluminum coil. The aluminum coil itself is not a problem, but the appearance is damaged.

      To avoid the corrosion of the aluminum plate, where the roof of the workshop and the warehouse are covered with rain and snow, no aluminum coil should be placed; the air drying management should be strengthened to ensure the water free in the compressed air; the packing of the aluminum foil should be sealed and packed in a suitable amount of desiccant at the same time; when the temperature area is high and the humidity is large in the area of low temperature, do not stand up. That is to open the sealed package; to strengthen the management of rolling oil, its water content is under 0.04%. The humidity of the wooden shaft and the box plate of the packing box is not more than 18%, and the temperature of the packed color aluminum roll is not more than 45. It shall be submitted to the Railway Sub bureaus and the security organs of the sub bureaus for approval. The contract shall include the following main internal
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