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      來源:http://www.mallhometrade.com  發布時間:2018-04-27 14:10:33  

      1, materials and requirements:
      A. aluminum alloy plate: aluminum alloy square plate specification 600*600, thickness 0.8 millimeter, aperture 3, perforation rate 15%, aluminum alloy strip 136 wide lap type aluminum alloy strip surface layer perforation, plate size uniform, uniform color, no crack, break, edge off angle. In the course of transportation, it is necessary to take light and light in the course of transportation. It is strictly prohibited from wet rain. It must be stored in a dry environment, ventilation, shelter, and underlay wood. It is necessary to keep a certain distance from the wall.
      B. aluminum alloy square plate ceiling keel: T type light steel keel cross brace TB2*26, T type light steel sub keel TB23*23, U type light steel main keel CB30*12, light steel sub keel LB50*26, U type light steel main keel CB38*12.
      C. spare parts: suspender, corner code, screw and nut, nail, self tapping screw and expansion bolt.
      2. Main machine tools:

      A. electric tools: electric saw, toothless saws, hand saw, hand drill, impact hammer, electric screwdriver, electric welding machine.
      B. manual tools: nail gun, rivet gun, pneumatic straight nail gun, pneumatic nail gun, hand saw, hand plane, pliers, spanner, level gauge, steel tape and so on.
      3. Working conditions
      A. familiarity with site, drawings and design instructions before construction.
      The B. design requires that the height of the room, the height of the doorway and the elevation of the plumbing, the equipment and the support of the ceiling should be checked.
      C. material acceptance check, inspection report and factory qualification certificate should be complete.
      The installation of pipe and equipment in the D. ceiling will be completed. The above equipment should be checked and tested before acceptance.
      Before the E. panel was installed, the wall and cylinder decoration were basically completed. Only one last coat of paint was left.
      F. carries out the prototype project first, then carries on the large area ceiling after the model acceptance is qualified.
      On the aluminum manufacturer http://www.mallhometrade.com first introduced here, I believe that you will use the relevant knowledge in the actual work, if you have the needs of this area, welcome to buy.