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      With the rapid development of China's national economy in recent years, the application of high pressure cleaning machine to aluminum strip cleaning equipment has developed rapidly. The demand for aluminum strip and foil is becoming more and more important in aerospace, household appliances, decorative materials and beverage industry. It has brought the rapid development of high precision aluminum strip such as PS base material, aluminum plastic belt, capacitor foil and tank material. These products are very strict for flatness and cleanliness, and high precision aluminum strip is usually rolled by full oil cooling, and its surface remains a large amount of rolled oil and aluminum powder. Therefore, to get good surface quality, it must be cleaned to remove the surface residue. In addition, it is necessary to straighten the strip with higher requirements and make the strip straighten and straighten and straighten the strip under the action of pulling and bending, and gradually producing the plastic extension and releasing the internal stress of the plate, so as to improve the wave, warpage, side bending and the potential bad shape of the plate in cold processing. First, the surface of the strip must be cleaned.
      The high pressure water jet of high pressure water jet is directly ejected by the dense flow beam, and the dense jets and direct jet two are indispensable. The jet flow is symmetrical in the center line of the nozzle, but diverges and distributes. The jet is generally divided into three segments. The original section, with the length of L, indicates that the jet is characterized by constant axial dynamic pressure, and the dynamic pressure of the jet tip is the same as the dynamic pressure of the nozzle exit.

      The other feature is very dense, and the particle is not mixed with air, so it has the strongest strike force. It is mainly used to clean hard dirt, the basic section, and the length is Lz. The jet is characterized by the air starting to mix with the water jet, forming holes and vortices, so the strike force is moderate and suitable for the section. Cleaning of all kinds of equipment and materials.
      It should be noted that with the lengthening of the distance, the effective strike force will also gradually decline. The length of the divergent section is expressed in L3. The jet is characterized by a complete mixture of air and water jet. The jet is completely atomized and the impact pressure and the jet velocity are greatly reduced. The jet has no application value in technology. The key to the application of water jet cleaning is the selection and matching of pressure and flow. But in the different jet distance and diffusion angle of the jet, the pressure and flow of direct action are different. In addition, influenced by the difference of the structure and performance of the nozzle, even under the same outlet pressure and flow condition, the distribution of dynamic pressure varies greatly. It can be seen that the selection of nozzles is a key link that can not be ignored. In addition, the shape and discharge distribution of the jet section are also important factors affecting the cleaning effect.