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      我國為了減輕鋁板分量,添加鋁板強度,咱們選用鋁合金板,常選用21號防銹鋁代號LF21壓成的鋁板作幕墻鋁板。鋁板厚度由本來3mm削減為2.5mm ,該合金強度比純鋁板高出一倍左右。我們公司主要經營合金鋁板、鋁花紋板等,加強筋用LF21鋁帶,鋁帶的寬度厚度依據鋁板板面而定,通常厚2-2.5mm,寬10-25mm。鋁板幕墻的鋁板反面為什么要安加強筋,是在外界正負壓力的情況下,鋁板一不會洼陷,二不會鼓出 ,這樣就避免了鋁板幕墻重復里外振蕩而宣布的振蕩聲響。若是需要隔音保溫,可在鋁板內側,安放巖棉、礦渣棉或發泡處置
      In order to reduce the strength of aluminum plate and add aluminum plate strength, we choose aluminum alloy plate, and 21 aluminum alloy LF21 is used as curtain wall aluminum plate. The thickness of the aluminum plate is reduced from original 3mm to 2.5mm, and the strength of the alloy is about twice as high as that of the pure aluminum sheet. Our company mainly deals with aluminum plate, aluminum strip and so on. The reinforcement is LF21 aluminum strip. The width of aluminum strip is determined by the thickness of aluminum plate. It is usually thick 2-2.5mm and wide 10-25mm. Aluminum plate curtain wall on the reverse side of the back of the strong reinforcement, is in the external and negative pressure conditions, the aluminum plate will not sag, two will not be drums, so that the aluminum plate curtain wall to avoid repeated oscillation and the oscillation sound announced. If sound insulation is needed, the rock wool, slag wool or foam disposal can be placed inside the aluminum sheet.

      At present, in some countries, the construction industry has become one of the three major aluminum users (container packaging, construction, transportation), which accounts for more than 20% of the total consumption of aluminum in the world. In recent years, the construction industry in China has developed rapidly, and the proportion of aluminum structure in the building is increasing. The building structure is mainly used for the light frame of the building, the enclosure structure, the skeleton, the door, the window of the roof and the wall, as well as the decoration and function of the roof, the face and the sun shading board. Scaffolding, pedals and cement preform templates for building factories are often used for aluminum and aluminum alloys in order to reduce weight. Removable, mobile temporary buildings and facilities are more popular with aluminum alloys.
      Aluminum sheet batch: the plate of the same type and different batch may exist color difference. The procedure of comparing the color difference should be increased when the different batch plates are sold and used. Our company mainly deals with aluminum alloy plate, aluminum plank and so on, and can be used in the same plane when there is no visual color difference.