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      1. identification check
      Usually we see the pattern of aluminum plate manufacturers are marked, and the logo is the product's standard code and license.
      2. inspection of surface quality
      In addition to the surface of the planed aluminum manufacturer, we need to see more, for example, we should see if there are some cracks in the aluminum sheet or some corrosion phenomena that need to be carefully observed.
      Thickness of 3. oxide film
      This is a professional eddy current thickness gauge.

      The quality of 4. holes
      The formation of the sealing hole is formed after the anodization of the anode. If these sealing holes are not treated well, it will lead to the corrosion of the later aluminum sheet. We usually test the method of acid leaching, that is, after removing the surface dust, drop the nitric acid on the surface, then wash the nitric acid with water and drop the purple water on the surface. After a minute, we can see if there is any obvious trace on the surface, if the fruit has some words, it shows that the sealing hole is not treated. Very good.
      5. corrosion resistance
      This indicator is also affecting the life of aluminum plate, we often use the method of drop alkali, the use of sodium hydroxide solution, mainly to see the time of the oxide film through. It is suggested that there should be strict requirements in the laboratory.

      With a small summary above, I hope to be helpful to our customers. If there is anything that is not understood or if you are looking for help, please click on our official website: the aluminum producer http://www.mallhometrade.com or the call consultation, we will do our best to solve the problem.