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      Alloy aluminum plate is widely used in the fields of ships, refrigerators, moulds and space equipment. Aluminum alloy plate is a common material in life. It is the first choice of the board. There are many plates on the market, and different boards have different performance. Therefore, the users should be careful when choosing the plate so as to avoid the use of the aluminum plate.
      A ship
      The most important feature of ship making is that the material used should have good performance, not easy to wear, and not easy to corrode, so the alloy aluminum plate is the best material choice. Because aluminum alloy plate is mainly made of aluminum, it has good performance, is not easy to damage, has a longer service life, and can meet the requirements of ship production.

      The biggest feature of refrigerator production is good sealing. In the process of using refrigerators, refrigeration and preservation effects are needed, so the materials used can meet these two requirements, so aluminum alloy plate is the best choice. Because the sealing performance of aluminum alloy plate is very good, it can meet the production conditions of fridge.
      There are many moulds, but under normal circumstances, enterprises will choose aluminum for making moulds. Because aluminum has many advantages, and its density is small, it is convenient for mobile production. Therefore, aluminum alloy plate is the preferred material for mould enterprises.
      Spaceflight equipment
      The material used for aerospace equipment must have good performance, not only under pressure, but also in other aspects.
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