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      1. It has smoothness, though it has been pressed by composite high temperature, but there is no indentation. And there is no residual stress on the panel, and no deformation will be observed after cutting.
      2, with decorative, color coated aluminum coating color paint rich and colorful, not only can be painted into the prevailing pattern of wood, stone, and other realistic patterns, but also can be based on customers like, custom designs, more decorative.

      3, with weatherability, color coating of aluminum rolls are coated through high temperature, high gloss, color stability, color difference is also very small, long term use will not attack color, very durable.
      4. The aluminum and plastic box adhesives used in color coated aluminum rolls are very high quality. After the advanced composite technology, the flexural strength is very strong. Even under the change of wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors, it will not show deformation, bending and shrinkage.
      5, it also has environmental protection, in addition to itself will not corrode poison gas release poison gas, but also will not form the rust of the dragon bone and other firmware, and has the flame retardancy, very environmental protection.