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      First of all, we all know that aluminum wafer is a kind of production accessories, its precision is very important, in the real use process, it is very likely that a little difference can not be used. Especially for those in the electronics industry or aviation industry, the precision of aluminum wafers is very high. That's why we see how precision it is when we look at the quality of the aluminum wafer, and then the high precision aluminum wafer is a good aluminum wafer. Of course, we all know how the precision of the product is closely related to the production equipment and technology of the manufacturers. Only the advanced production equipment and the advanced production technology can produce precision aluminum wafer.
      It is understood that the manufacturers in the processing of aluminum wafers, in the aluminum material will add other rust prevention and corrosion resistant metal elements, so the aluminum wafer produced has the effect of rust prevention. It is known that manganese alloys are added to the aluminum discs produced by Chaowei aluminum. As we all know, manganese has a good rust preventive function, so that it can become a rust proof aluminum wafer.

      The aluminum pan we normally use is made of aluminum wafer. Its surface has a thin layer of oxide film, only 0.00001 millimeter thickness. In industry, in order to be more durable and durable, the production of good aluminum wafer is often processed to make the oxide film thicker, so that the aluminum pot is made. Fear of acid and fear of alkali.
      We often have people in life that the aluminum pot is not bright enough. When cleaning it, we use steel ball or sand to wipe it. It is thought that this will be the luster of aluminum products. In fact, it is not right, because it is easy to wipe off the oxide film on the surface. But this will rust and protect the aluminum from rust. This protective film is called alumina. The characteristic of alumina is that after erasing, no new alumina layer will be formed to protect the aluminum inside.
      As a result, aluminum wafers will not rust for a long time, but chemical reactions will take place to form alumina.
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