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      1, the use of high pressure water cutting, is now a more popular cutting technology, a relatively high-tech way. In use, the cutting edge is accurate and the cutting surface is clean and smooth, because the strong jet flow can effectively prevent the deformation of the aluminum plate, and has a higher cutting precision.
      2, the use of woodworking electric saw cutting, this method is also a relatively large quantity of products, can be fixed, the use of electric saw to cut.
      3, you can also use manual aluminum cutting machine cutting equipment, so the equipment in operation is also very simple, need to use manpower to cut off the material, the market hardware tool stores are sold.

      4, can also use semi-automatic aluminum cutting machine equipment to use, this way is compared to save manpower, can use mechanical equipment to complete, only need to find a suitable machine equipment personnel to learn to operate.
      5, the laser can also be cut, which is the process of melting and evaporating the aluminum alloy by the energy released by the laser beam to the surface of the steel plate, making the desired shape.
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