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      1. Design drawings, confirm the specifications and sizes of aluminum plate processing, etc. Definitely the material. Preliminary affirmation of aluminum plate processing.
      2. The request to the operator must be the aluminum plate processing equipment operator with rich experience to control the processing process and respond to the emergency.
      3. According to the drawings, the application of aluminum processing equipment to stop a series of processing disposal, processing process to pay attention to the operation details of the equipment. Be sure to be the same as the design drawing and meet the customer's requirements.
      4. After the initial processing of aluminum plate, please confirm again. If you have other requests, you can make minor repairs to satisfy the customers as much as possible.
      5. Pay attention to service, the role of service in any industry is beyond doubt. This is also a point valued by jinlixing machinery.
      It is suitable for aluminum plate processing and curtain wall profile cutting. The feed system adopts imported linear guide motion pair. The imported linear bearing motion pair makes the working accuracy stable. High precision spindle makes the saw blade rotate stably. The pneumatic and hydraulic damping cylinder completes the average feed speed regulation and moves smoothly.
      The ball screw of the right head feed guide provides the motion mode with high precision and stable operation. Aluminum plate processing equipment adopts numerical control technology, which can complete automatic blanking of different specifications and sizes of profiles. The two saw heads can automatically change the angle to complete arbitrary angle cutting. The original imported hard saw blade has high machining precision and high durability.