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      來源:http://www.mallhometrade.com  發布時間:2021-07-21 14:25:20  

      目前我國鋁卷用量逐步增加,已成為鋁業中很重要的一環。鋁卷材具有密度低、壽命長、外觀美觀等特點,是電廠、化工廠管道保溫的必 備產品。為提高鋁卷的使用效率,延長其使用壽命,對鋁卷的貯存環境提出了更高的要求。
      At present, China's aluminum coil consumption is gradually increasing, which has become a very important part of the aluminum industry. Aluminum coil has the characteristics of low density, long service life and beautiful appearance. It is a necessary product for pipeline insulation in power plant and chemical plant. In order to improve the use efficiency of aluminum coil and prolong its service life, higher requirements are put forward for the storage environment of aluminum coil.
      1、 Ensure that there is no storage environment and keep it ventilated and dry. Not to mention in wet places, we all know that aluminum coil belongs to non-ferrous metal, which will attack the oxidation reaction after contacting with water, which will damage the surface of aluminum, turn our eyes to form a protective film, and form white oxide handwriting, which will affect the appearance, thus making aluminum coil indispensable in dry storage environment.

      2、 The sealing performance of packaging: generally, when the aluminum coil leaves the factory, we will have waterproof packaging. The appearance of the packaging will be wrapped with a layer of plastic cloth, and several bags of desiccant will be put inside to prevent oxidation caused by wet or rainy weather during transportation. Generally, it is not recommended to open the packaging or not damage the packaging by customers. This product packaging design is suitable for long-term storage.
      If necessary, after use, the remaining aluminum coil shall be wrapped on the basis of the original package and placed in a dry and ventilated place. Generally speaking, in order to achieve the above two points, aluminum coil storage basically will not occur oxidation. It can keep aluminum coil for a long time.