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      Aluminum coil production needs a series of treatment. In this process, some industrial wastewater will be generated. After discharged, these wastewater will flow into rivers and seas. However, these wastewater contain a lot of metal ions, some of which are harmful to human body, and can be finally eliminated only after treatment. So how to detect and treat metal ions in wastewater?

      The content of Na ion is calculated by measuring the amount of alkali, using phenolphthalein as indicator, titrating hydrochloric acid standard solution until the red of the solution disappears as the end point, and calculating the amount of hydrogen oxidation from the amount of hydrochloric acid consumed, so as to calculate the content of sodium ion. The content of divalent Na ion is developed with dimethylglyoxime in the ammonia medium of citrate, the absorbance is measured at 450 nm, and the content is calculated with pure nickel as the standard curve.
      Aluminum coil manufacturers with a sense of social responsibility will actively detect the metal ions in their own wastewater and discharge the wastewater only after determining that their content will not cause great harm to human body. At the same time, the government will also monitor the enterprises producing aluminum coils to ensure the protection of the environment and people's personal safety.