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      來源:http://www.mallhometrade.com  發布時間:2021-09-07 17:05:19  

      The design of modern buildings presents a diversified development trend. In the past, traditional building decoration materials have been difficult to meet the needs of designers for personalized modeling because of their conventional modeling. Therefore, aluminum veneer customization is very in line with the needs of building exterior wall decoration materials. So what details should aluminum veneer manufacturers pay attention to in customized processing? Now let's introduce it to you.
      As we all know, aluminum veneer manufacturers may make some errors in the actual production process, such as plate type errors or paint color errors on the surface of aluminum veneer. If they can be found in time, they can directly confirm with the aluminum veneer manufacturers and solve them in time. If problems are not found until all production is completed and delivered to the construction site, it will not only delay the project construction period, but also bring unnecessary disputes and economic losses to both parties.

      What should I do? First of all, we should learn to identify the product quality of aluminum veneer and check whether the product production process of aluminum veneer manufacturers is standardized. Generally speaking, the product quality of formal aluminum veneer manufacturers is guaranteed.
      During drawing confirmation, both parties shall pay attention to the specific plate type and paint color number. If there are any questions or differences in the communication process, we must communicate and solve them in time, so as to ensure that the quality of aluminum veneer products meets the requirements.
      Briefly understand the customization service process of aluminum veneer manufacturers:
      1. Communication link: in this process, the customer is required to provide engineering drawings or project engineering drawings, and the aluminum veneer manufacturer shall provide quotation. After both parties have no objection, the designer of the aluminum veneer manufacturer shall provide improved and perfect optimization scheme.
      2. The customer needs to provide detailed product demand information: modeling pattern, size rules, color and packaging requirements, so as to facilitate the aluminum veneer manufacturer to arrange production tasks.
      3. After both parties confirm that the above information is correct, the production workshop shall arrange material ordering and arrange the workshop for production and processing.
      4. After the production of aluminum veneer products is completed, they will be transported to the customer's project construction site. After the project leader passes the acceptance, the customized aluminum veneer delivery service will be completed.