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      With the maturity of aluminum plate smelting production technology, this cost-effective metal material has quickly entered all aspects of people's production and life and become a substitute for traditional metals; In some traditional industries, the market prospect of aluminum plate is particularly broad. Scratch on the surface of aluminum plate is a relatively easy thing to happen in the process of aluminum plate processing. It is often due to improper processing, resulting in surface damage, which seriously affects the beauty of aluminum plate. However, scratch has appeared. The following describes the treatment methods for defects on the surface of aluminum plate.
      The scratch on the surface of aluminum plate can be treated. In brief, there are two physical and chemical methods: physical method is mechanical grinding, including sand blasting, wire drawing, etc. generally, this method is used for deeper scratches. Generally, chemical reagent is used for polishing. In brief, chemical reagent is used to corrode one layer of aluminum surface. Due to sharp edges at the scratch, the corrosion speed is fast. Lighter scratches can be completely eliminated after chemical polishing. The appearance of chemically polished materials is bright and good-looking. Generally, when the two methods are used together, the aluminum surface can achieve a good decorative effect.

      1. The working belt on the aluminum plate die needs to be polished smooth, whether the empty knife of the extrusion die is enough and whether the surface is smooth.
      2. In the process of aluminum plate sawing: each sawing needs to clean the cutting sawdust in time to prevent secondary scratch; Similarly, in the process of CNC processing aluminum plate, it is also necessary to prevent the residual aluminum slag scratch on the clamping fixture.
      3. In the process of producing alloy aluminum plate, pay attention to the generation of mold lines. Once lines are generated, the mold needs to be removed in time to stop production.
      4. There are exposed industrial aluminum profiles or graphite strips on the discharge track or swing bed, and there are hard inclusions in them. It is necessary to avoid scratching the surface of the aluminum plate when hard sundries contact the aluminum plate.
      5. In the process of production and handling, handle with care, try to avoid dragging or turning the aluminum plate at will, place the aluminum plate reasonably, and try to avoid mutual friction.
      In addition to the above five points, the storage of aluminum plate is also very important. It is strictly prohibited to store with chemical materials and humid materials, which is prone to chemical reaction. This can be effectively avoided. The storage environment should be dry, bright, well ventilated and free of corrosive climate. The main thing is to prevent the oxidation reaction of aluminum plate from moisture and affect its normal use.