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      As we all know, the proportion of cold air is relatively large and will sink on the ground. The cooling capacity of air conditioning is easy to be absorbed when it meets cement floor tiles, while the dry floor heating module is equivalent to the above ground thermal insulation layer. The cooling capacity is not absorbed when it meets dry floor heating module, which prevents the cooling capacity of air conditioning from being absorbed by cement, greatly improves the utilization rate of cooling capacity and reduces the loss of cooling air of air conditioning in summer, So as to make the air conditioner more energy-saving! Energy saving ratio refers to the loss of 30% data of downward heat transfer.
      所以說干式地暖模塊的絕熱保溫性讓夏日的空調愈加舒 適節能。這一點特別適合剛性需求空調或中 央空調的廣大業主!
      Therefore, the thermal insulation of the dry floor heating module makes the air conditioner more comfortable and energy-saving in summer. This is especially suitable for the majority of owners with rigid demand for air conditioning or central air conditioning!

      Aluminum coil
      This is also the result of the differentiated experience room of floor heating. The air conditioning of dry floor heating room will be more comfortable and cool in summer!
      真 正了解這一點,能夠低配20%的空調負荷,那中央空調體系的性價比自然就提高了。簡而言之:幫業主省20%空調初出資,讓業主增加一套節能地暖熱水體系!一舉三得!這是鋁板干式地暖模塊用于家庭的妙處
      If you really understand this and can lower the air conditioning load by 20%, the cost performance of the central air conditioning system will naturally improve. In short: help the owner save 20% of the initial investment of air conditioning, and let the owner add a set of energy-saving floor heating and hot water system! shooting two birds with one stone! This is the beauty of aluminum plate dry floor heating module for families
      Indoor ceiling
      However, with the improvement of people's living standards, consumers pay more attention to its beauty and style in addition to its practicality. Zhengyi aluminum veneer has good performance and has become the choice of special-shaped ceiling. Through the skillful hands of interior designers, we have created artistic indoor ceiling with novel shape and elegant appearance.
      Interior wall
      Traditional walls are generally treated with coatings, but they are prone to moisture and difficult to clean. Therefore, some special places will use other materials for decoration. Compared with wallpaper, dado and other materials, the advantages of aluminum veneer are more obvious. Zhengyi aluminum veneer has the advantages of low pollution, moisture-proof and sound insulation and strong practicability. It is widely used in hospitals, conference rooms, cinemas and other public places.