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      The light and easy processing of aluminum leather is the reason why it has been sold in the construction industry for many years. Aluminum is a vivid metal, and its corrosion resistance is shown in the following points:
      1. The purity of aluminum. The higher the purity, the greater the reaction time with oxygen in the air, and the generated oxide film will be very thin and fine, which is faster than the usual metal oxidation reaction, and the thickness of the film is much thicker, which can effectively avoid the corrosion of aluminum plate materials by microorganisms and moisture in the air
      2. For the mechanical strength of aluminum sheet, we will find that the stronger the corrosion resistance of aluminum, the lower its mechanical strength. In order to solve this problem, we add appropriate magnesium, copper, zinc and other metals in aluminum to increase its mechanical strength and make its application more extensive, but also reduce the corrosion resistance to a great extent

      3. The powder coating of aluminum sheet has good corrosion resistance after coating, and there will be many colors for you to choose, which further enhances the beauty of aluminum sheet in use, and is used to different building styles
      The output rate of residual waste of aluminum sheet will not be very high. The investment of equipment is less. Choosing aluminum sheet is both economical and affordable