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      Color coated aluminum coil has been widely used in construction industry for its corrosion resistance and heat insulation performance. However, sometimes the color coated aluminum coil will be tortuous. The primary factors affecting the cooling and tortuosity of color coated aluminum coil are as follows:
      1. The high-pressure aerosol nozzle has strong directionality, and the aerosol angle is about 25 ° ~ 30 °, which can complete the partial cooling of the color coated aluminum coil without affecting other parts of the color coated aluminum coil.
      2. In the air under normal conditions, the heat transfer coefficients of aluminum hollow coil components are equal to each other, and the wall thickness or shape of painted aluminum coil is different. The cooling speed of each part is uneven, so that the thicker part becomes a hollow pipe or the thinner part has a slow cooling speed.

      3. For color coated aluminum coil, high-pressure ambient air atomizes water and increases the surface volume and generalization of water through contact, thus destroying the steam film when water and high-temperature structure occur. The generalization is contacted and the heat exchange power is improved.
      Factors affecting cooling and winding of color coated aluminum coil
      4. When some high-pressure aerosols are used for cooling, because air and water have two heat transfer media, and the heat transfer coefficient of water is greater than that of air, the color coated aluminum coil can increase the heat dissipation rate.
      Three primary uses of color coated aluminum roll.
      1. Color aluminum roll is used for roof pressure brick
      The application of color coated aluminum roll is used in the roof tile data. Be able to confirm that this is a very high-quality application. We all need to know about the use of colored aluminum coil in roof pressure brick. The application of color coated aluminum roll roof tile is a good alternative. Color coated aluminum coil has very good advantages, that is, it has the advantages of light data and low density. For color coated aluminum coil, 1 series and 3 series aluminum coil are generally used as the primary data, such as 1060 Aluminum Coil and 3003 aluminum coil. These two types of roof color coated aluminum coiled materials have good advantages. For the comparison of color tiles, its advantages are obvious.
      2. Apply color coated aluminum roll to louvers
      Now, shutters are very common to us. They are also a kind of material and intention that can be seen everywhere in our life. In fact, from the current application of color coated aluminum roll shutters, his primary raw materials have long been replaced. The advantages are obvious and the density is small. It is more suitable to use color coated aluminum roll shutters.