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      Insiders know that the aluminum veneer of the whole aluminum plate project is not directly produced at one time according to the drawings, but directly handed over to the construction party. Instead, after the production of a batch of goods is completed, the construction workers will complete the installation, and then carry out the production and processing of the next batch. This requires that the product error of aluminum plate processing manufacturers should not be too large. The small error at the beginning will cause problems in the surface material in the later stage of aluminum veneer processing.
      The product is easy to encounter installation problems, which is called "no mistake".

      In this regard, the whole alloy aluminum plate processing industry is actually related to the national recommended standard, in which the corresponding parameters are very careful and strict. Generally, the size and specification of aluminum veneer are composed of thickness, length, width, hem height and diagonal difference. The length and width determine the basic shape of the whole aluminum plate, while the thickness will affect the performance of the whole aluminum plate. Regardless of the type of aluminum plate, the thickness error range is within + 0.1mm. When the length and width of aluminum plate is less than or equal to 2000mm, the allowable error between length and width is 1mm. When the size is greater than 2000mm, the length width error shall not exceed 1.5mm.
      折邊高度的誤差幅度與鋁單板表面尺寸無關,絕不能超過0.5 mm。對角線差的允許誤差范圍是:當鋁板的長度小于等于2000mm時,允許誤差為2mm;如果長度大于2000mm,誤差不能超過3mm。
      The error range of hem height has nothing to do with the surface size of aluminum veneer and must not exceed 0.5 mm. The allowable error range of diagonal difference is: when the length of aluminum plate is less than or equal to 2000mm, the allowable error is 2mm; If the length is greater than 2000mm, the error shall not exceed 3mm.
      Aluminum sheet metal processing is carried out on the machine by skilled workers on the production line. Due to various reasons, the processed aluminum sheet veneer may have a certain error, but the error must be controlled within a certain range, otherwise it is unqualified products. These errors must be minimized, or better yet, completely avoided! Whether it is sheet metal processing or spraying process, attention must be paid to accuracy.
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