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      建筑師、工程業主及加工方思索的是建筑物的平安性能(耐沖擊、抗震、防火、抗風壓、抗雪)、寓居性能(防水、隔音、隔熱)、耐久性能(耐污染、耐久、外觀堅持性)、經濟性(本錢低、易加工、易維護、易改換)等。對彩鋁卷廠家來說,這些性能作為彩鋁卷廠應轉化為彩鋁卷性能 ,并予以保證。彩鋁卷的性能請求主要有力學性能(抗拉強度、屈從強度、延伸率)、鍍層性能(鍍層品種、鍍層厚度和鍍層附著力)和涂層性能(涂料種類、顏色、光澤、耐久性能、加工性等)。
      Architects, project owners and processors consider the safety performance of buildings (impact resistance, earthquake resistance, fire protection, wind pressure resistance and snow resistance), residential performance (waterproof, sound insulation and heat insulation), durability (pollution resistance, durability and appearance persistence), economy (low cost, easy processing, easy maintenance and easy replacement), etc. For color aluminum coil manufacturers, these properties as color aluminum coil manufacturers should be transformed into color aluminum coil properties and guaranteed. The performance requirements of color aluminum coil mainly include mechanical properties (tensile strength, yield strength, elongation), coating properties (coating type, coating thickness and coating adhesion) and coating properties (coating type, color, gloss, durability, processability, etc.).
      Color aluminum roll
      Among them, wind resistance, impact resistance, snow resistance and earthquake resistance are related to the mechanical properties of the data. Of course, they are also related to the waveform, thickness, span and purlin distance of the color profiled steel plate. If the appropriate color aluminum coil is selected and matched with the appropriate profiled steel plate design, it can not only meet the safety coefficient of the building, but also reduce the project cost. The durability, processability and appearance persistence of materials are largely determined by the durability of coatings and coatings.
      There is a layer of coating on the surface of color aluminum coil, which plays an important role in "anti-corrosion". Let's talk about how the anti-corrosion is sorted out.
      (1) Brush coating
      Various coatings can be used for brushing, as long as they are not coatings with poor leveling performance. This step mainly allows the coating to penetrate into the pores on the metal surface and strengthen the metal adhesion.
      (2) Scraping
      In this step, it is required to use high-point coatings with high liquid purity and high viscosity, and note the common defects (cracking, falling off, rolling, etc.) of the coatings.
      (3) Dip coating

      Dip coating is a traditional coating method, which is easy to cause air pollution. Remember not to use volatile coatings.
      (4) Drench coating
      Drenching coating is to drench the coating onto the surface of the coating. Although the operation is simple and the production efficiency is high, the consumption of drenching coating is greater than that of dip coating, which will produce safety and dip dyeing problems. We must pay attention to it.
      (5) Spraying
      噴涂有優點是(涂的厚度均勻、外觀也平整、生產效率高),空氣染污也不小。  彩鋁卷表面有一層涂層,涂層就是起到一個重要的作用“防腐蝕”。
      Spraying has the advantages of uniform thickness, smooth appearance and high production efficiency, and air pollution is not small. There is a layer of coating on the surface of color aluminum coil, which plays an important role in "anti-corrosion".
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