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      First, the alloy aluminum plate solution treatment: it is separated from the metal material melting into a solid. The cured aluminum alloy sheet has lower dilution and better plasticity. The goal of solution process is to obtain a supersaturated solution for tissue aging.

      Aluminum manufacturers aging treatment, also known as desolventizing decomposition, namely XieRong limitation of solid solution from under high temperature and rapid cooling to solid solubility curve, due to the rapid cooling, failed to timely precipitation, supersaturated solid solution, then, under the condition of low temperature, the unstable supersaturated solid solution with time and appear desolventizing points touch, as of solid solution and aging temperature difference, During the aging period, metastable metastable precipitates appear, which are common or locally common with the parent phase, thus enhancing the strength of the alloy aluminum plate.


      Aging dissolution is a kind of metal strengthening process, so it is also called aging treatment or precipitation treatment. It can be divided into two categories: natural aging and artificial aging:

      1, natural aging is placed outdoors for more than six months, it will slowly take shape, so that you can eliminate or reduce the residual stress.


      2, aluminum plate manufacturers artificial aging is to heat the casting at 550~650℃, the residual stress in the process to be completely eliminated, without the need for artificial aging.


      Ii. Solution aging of alloy aluminum plate: two methods of solution and aging are adopted. Aluminum plate manufacturers through solid solution treatment of alloy aluminum plate, so that it is dissolubilized and degraded at room temperature or slightly higher than room temperature, so that its hardness and strength improve, in order to achieve strengthening.