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      The processing of aluminum coil is not directly produced at one time according to the drawings, but directly handed over to the construction party. Instead, after the production of a batch of goods is completed, the construction personnel shall install it first, and then carry out the production and processing of the next batch after the installation. In this way, the manufacturer is required not to have too much error in processing the thermal insulation aluminum coil, because a small error in processing will have a great impact on the subsequent product construction. Therefore, reliable manufacturers should be selected for aluminum coil processing, which not only ensures the product quality, but also ensures the smooth progress of construction progress.
      1. The insulation aluminum coil shall be cut according to the outer circumference of the pipe insulation layer plus the overlapping length of 30mm, and the overlapping width is 30mm;
      2. The thermal insulation aluminum sheet is formed on the winding machine, and then the circumferential and transverse blank holder forming is carried out on the blank holder;

      3. The protective layer shall be close to the insulation layer and integrated with the insulation layer;
      4. Fix laterally with self tapping screws (or self tapping rivets) near the blank holder according to the specified "three distance" spacing;
      5. After using self tapping screws, the surface of insulated aluminum coil is flat without concave convex;
      6. The protective layer of aluminum coil shall be close to the insulating layer, and the overlapping width shall meet the specified requirements;
      7. The whole is beautiful, the center of the circle is on the same line and the size is the same;
      8. Both longitudinal and transverse blank holder rings are provided.
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