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      First, apply solder on the welding place of aluminum parts, then dip the hot soldering iron into tin and put it on the welding place for preheating. When the temperature rises and the solder turns from thick to thin, add some solder and solder to make the solder contain the soldering iron head, and then rub the soldering iron head before and after the welding place. The friction distance should not be too large, Generally, the aluminum oxide film on the surface of aluminum components is scratched at the soldering iron head between 3 ~ 5mm. Because the welding joint is covered with molten tin and separated from the air, it is impossible to produce a new oxide film, and tin can be stained on the aluminum parts with the oxide film just removed in time. The equal row of molten tin changes from ball shape to flat shape, indicating that the aluminum parts have been firmly combined with tin. At this time, it is very convenient to stop friction and wipe off the remaining flux while hot, and then weld with the conductor head or other components dipped in tin in advance.
      Second, first drop a few drops of dilute hydrochloric acid at the welding position of aluminum components to remove the surface oxide film. Wait a moment, and then add a few drops of concentrated copper sulfate solution. When all the welding positions are covered with copper, wash off the excess copper sulfate solution and hydrochloric acid solution with water, and then weld with 45-75w soldering iron. The effect is good.
      Third, take a piece of aluminum and put it into the crucible for heating and melting, then add 2 ~ 5 times of tin for melting, and then wait for use. It is very convenient to weld according to the conventional method.
      Fourth, apply a layer of solution on the cleaned aluminum surface, eat more tin on the 100W soldering iron head, and apply the solution while rubbing on the welding surface with the soldering iron head. This can be firmly welded. But note: Mercury is toxic. Welding should be carried out in a ventilated place, and do not use highly toxic mercuric chloride.

      Fifth, aluminum parts are welded by native method. Prepare the white powder of sawing fiberglass board in advance, put it on the welding surface, rub it on the welding surface with 75W soldering iron until a layer of tin is attached to the aluminum surface, and then remove the mixture of white powder and rosin with cloth. At this time, it can be welded by the same method. After practice, this method is simple and the welding effect is satisfactory.
      It is also advisable to mix rosin and iron filings, polish the aluminum surface with sandpaper, put rosin and iron powder on the smooth surface of the welding place, rub repeatedly with a soldering iron to make the aluminum surface eat a layer of tin, and then weld smoothly according to the general method.
      The sixth method is to polish the surface of the welding part of the aluminum part first, and then drop a few drops of sewing oil. The amount of oil should be sufficient. Then scrape it back and forth at the welding part with a sharp knife, and then rub it back and forth with a soldering iron dipped in solder and rosin at the welding part. The tin will soon be firmly attached to the aluminum part. This method is also simple and practical.