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      1. Raw materials
      Coating and aluminum coil are the most important factors in the coating process. Due to the color difference between coating batches, the fineness of aluminum plate coating is not enough, and the coating rate is not high. Poor matching between coating and solvent and delamination will directly affect the coating effect and produce defects. The unevenness of aluminum coil substrate, uneven film thickness and poor edge deflection also directly affect the quality and overall use of products. Therefore, the selection of raw materials should be strictly controlled.
      2. Equipment
      The coating line requires the coating equipment to be in good condition, the coating equipment to operate stably without horizontal and vertical shaking, and the coating roller to be ground. The lateral runout of each roll of the coater must be controlled within the allowable range, otherwise the coating surface quality will be seriously affected.

      Aluminum plate
      3. Process
      The coating process of aluminum plate is closely related to the coating quality. The relative linear speed ratio of coating roller, paint lifting roller, metering roller and substrate is required to be controlled within a certain range. According to different systems and film thickness of coating products, a certain viscosity range should be set for the coating to ensure the smoothness of the coating and improve the quality of coating products. The curing process and oven control of the coating must be controlled according to the requirements, and no arbitrary change is allowed, otherwise the color difference and performance of the coating products will be seriously affected.
      4. Environment
      The interior of the paint booth shall be clean, dustproof, insect proof and ventilated to ensure that the painted surface quality is not polluted. At the same time, due to the change of temperature, the process conditions also change in time.
      5. Human factors
      The responsibility, technical proficiency and operation standardization of aluminum plate operators are the key to obtain high-quality coating effect. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the training of operators, so that operators can master the principles and key points of coating process, strengthen responsibility, operate in strict accordance with operating procedures, and ensure high-quality coating products.
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