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      Aluminum sheet manufacturers explain why aluminum sheet is becoming more and more popular?


      Aluminum plate is a kind of plate we often see in our life. Many guardrails and bus stop signs are also often encountered. However, some knowledge of aluminum plate is not particularly understood. Next, aluminum plate manufacturers will explain why thermal insulation aluminum sheet is becoming more and more popular? Thermal insulation aluminum sheet can be widely used in municipal construction, apartment residence, operation hall, villa, garden scenic spot, old building reconstruction, guard post and many other engineering fields The building material is suitable for new bricks. Concrete layout, frame layout, steel layout, light body room and other types of construction are also applicable to the decoration and energy-saving transformation of existing buildings, as well as indoor and outdoor decoration Thermal insulation aluminum plates are becoming more and more.


      The first choice of decoration building materials What is the reason for the popularity of aluminum insulation board? Let's summarize the characteristics of thermal insulation aluminum plate


      1. Novel structure


      2. Light weight and excellent durability; Aluminum plate has high elongation, relative elongation higher than 10%, can accept high twists and turns without cracking, and has excellent resistance


      3. Strong decoration Different from other insulation boards at home and abroad, rigid polyurethane with low thermal conductivity and high insulation function is directly bonded to the back of formed aluminum plate through pouring foaming


      4. The coating has strong weather resistance The insulation surface is sprayed with fluorocarbon polymer resin. Through this fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum plate surface, it can resist acid rain, corrosion and ultraviolet rays, which can ensure that the coating will not fade, pulverize and fall for more than 20 years


      5. The device is convenient and the technology is reasonable The thermal insulation aluminum plate is made on the factory assembly line and directly hung on the enclosure layout on the construction site. It is a kind of advanced exterior decoration data integrating new energy-saving decoration, with convenient construction and short construction period


      6. Save resources Cement, sand, water and other materials need to be used in the traditional method of building exterior walls. Resources are very wasted, and there are many wastes after removal