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      Aluminum plate is a common material in life and has been used in all walks of life. In addition to the common primary color, aluminum plate can also be processed into color to achieve the pursuit of visual decoration. However, in the process of processing, there is often the problem of unable to color. Why does this happen? Let's share the causes and solutions of this situation for aluminum plate manufacturers.
      1. 染料已溶解或發霉:此時需要將染料去除更換,使用合適的染料。
      1. The dye has been dissolved or moldy: at this time, it is necessary to remove and replace the dye and use appropriate dye.
      2. Loose anode or poor conductivity of copper plate. Regular cleaning of anode copper bar and negative lead plate can ensure conductivity.
      3. Insufficient film thickness: check whether the standard of anodizing process, temperature, working voltage, conductivity and other elements are stable. If there is any abnormality, adjust the recovery standard. If there is no abnormality, appropriately increase the air oxidation time to ensure that the film thickness is qualified.
      4. 空氣氧化后,鋼件在不銹鋼罐中放置時間過長。在時間方面,鋁板廠家認為最好是選擇直接染色,但如果這已經發生,可以放置在鋁板陽極處理罐或氰化鈉的細胞,溫和的活動中和在使用染色之前,實際結果會很好。

      4. After air oxidation, the steel parts are placed in the stainless steel tank for too long. In terms of time, aluminum plate manufacturers think it is best to choose direct dyeing, but if this has happened, it can be placed in aluminum plate anodizing tank or sodium cyanide cells. The actual results will be very good after mild activity and before dyeing.
      5. The air oxidation temperature is too low, resulting in too high film density: the air oxidation temperature can be moderately increased.
      6. The pH value of the dye is too high: the pH value can be adjusted to the standard value with glacial acetic acid.
      The above is the reason why the aluminum plate is not colored and the solution summarized by the aluminum plate manufacturer for you. I hope it will play a certain role in your processing. Our company is a professional manufacturer with many years of experience and guaranteed product quality. If you need, you can call our company for consultation and order.