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      1. Easy to realize automatic production. Because the electrophoretic coating of aluminum profile is carried out in the aqueous electrophoretic tank, which is similar to the anodic oxidation and electrolytic coloring process, the processing time is short, and it is easy to realize the assembly line operation of the whole process.

      2. The coating is uniform and dense. Due to the high penetration of the electrophoretic coating of aluminum profile, the profile with complex shape can also obtain a uniform film, and the film thickness can be controlled by adjusting the electric quantity.
      3. High utilization rate of coating. Due to the low viscosity, less workpieces are brought out, and the electrophoretic workpieces can be washed with water. The utilization of the recovery device makes the coating utilization rate of electrophoretic coating up to more than 95%.
      4. Safety and environmental protection. Due to the water dilution, low solid content and low solvent content of electrophoretic coating, it is an environmental friendly coating, which eliminates the risk of fire and ensures the health of workers.
      5. Good coating quality. Acrylic resin is cured with amino resin, which ensures the high decoration and high corrosion resistance of the film. At the same time, due to the high transparency of the resin, it effectively highlights the metal texture of aluminum profile, and can also get Matt, sand surface, pearlescent and other decorative effects as needed.
      6. Compared with the usual electrolytic coloring sealing process, it has the characteristics of saving time and manpower. The electrophoretic coating does not need to seal the hole, avoiding the defects such as cracks caused by poor sealing.
      7. The thickness of the coating film can be controlled freely, which is usually controlled at home and abroad μ M and 12 μ M two gears.
      8. As the electrophoresis layer is transparent and bright, it is required to have high quality of aluminum ingot, smooth surface of extruded material and few mechanical defects. It is required to strictly manage the oxidation coloring process, because any small defects and contamination will be exposed under the transparent paint.
      9. High requirements for electrophoresis process management to improve the yield of aluminum profiles.