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      Control methods for aluminum coil manufacturers to strengthen the quality of rolling oil
      1、 Rolling oil ratio
      鋁冷軋軋制油由基礎油添加I%一10%添加劑混合組成?;A油與添加劑要求有較好的相容性,在使用中不易生成油泥而降低潤滑冷卻效果和使用安全性。結合實際生產情況,目前我公司采用MOA-100基礎油與WYROL12添加劑,添加劑含量控制在6.8%-7.3%,粘度2. 5cSt -2.6cSt,污染度3級以內,餾程230℃一280℃,殘餾3%以內。
      Aluminum cold rolling oil is composed of base oil and I% - 10% additive. The base oil and additives are required to have good compatibility. It is not easy to generate oil sludge in use, which will reduce the lubrication and cooling effect and use safety. Combined with the actual production situation, at present, our company adopts moa-100 base oil and wyrol12 additive, the additive content is controlled at 6.8% - 7.3% and the viscosity is 2.5% 5cst - 2.6cst, pollution degree within grade 3, distillation range 230 ℃ - 280 ℃, residual distillation within 3%.

      During the use of rolling oil, heavy oil such as equipment lubricating oil and hydraulic oil shall not be mixed into the rolling oil, resulting in increased viscosity and difficult oil removal. If too much heavy oil has been mixed and the viscosity of rolling oil is too high through analysis and test, the rolling oil shall be updated in time.
      2、 Rolling oil filtration
      During cold rolling, the rolled piece rubs with the roll and continuously grinds down the fine aluminum powder, which makes the aluminum powder content of the rolling oil circulation system more and more, and the lubrication performance of the rolling oil decreases. The aluminum powder is easy to stick to the surface of the strip, deteriorating the surface quality of the strip. In order to prolong the service life of rolling oil and improve the surface quality of plate, the rolling oil must be filtered in the processing process.
      At present, plate filters are mainly used. After mixing the filter media diatomite, activated clay and rolling oil, they are coated on the filter paper. There are two stacks of filters, and each stack of filter paper has 10 layers. The volume filter device is formed by the volume filter medium and multi-layer filter paper, through which the dirty rolling oil meets the requirements of fine filtration. When the working pressure of the plate filter reaches 3 N / C, the filter paper must be replaced again. The plate filter has a filtering accuracy of 0.55M and a filtering capacity of 32001 / min
      In order to ensure the filtration effect, the ratio of diatomite to activated clay is generally 2:1. In the filtration process, the filter medium is continuously added to the dirty rolling oil through the mixing box to stabilize the filtration effect and prolong the filtration cycle.