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      來源:http://www.mallhometrade.com  發布時間:2022-04-05 22:53:06  

        The cause of white spot on aluminum plate and how to deal with it? In view of this problem, our aluminum plate manufacturers can do the following analysis:
        Aluminum plate manufacturers of aluminum plate has strong metal activity, easy to be oxidized, but because it can form a small alumina film (white) during oxidation, so it can prevent continuous reaction with aluminum, so this phenomenon is normal.
        For the aluminum plate with strict appearance requirements, how to prevent the appearance of white spots on the surface of the aluminum plate and make the product smooth and bright is not only related to the processing technology, but also closely related to the later appearance processing technology.
        When aluminum plate manufacturers anodize large aluminum products, white spots will appear on the surface after processing, especially aluminum oxide plate. Let's analyze the factors in this case.

        In fact, the main factor is simple: after the aluminum plate is oxidized, it is scoured incompletely, resulting in white spots on the surface after boring. The solution is to enhance the scouring after oxidation and try to flush it completely with a water gun. At the same time, in the future, you should take care to maintain the appearance and try to keep this product away from other products and dry naturally.
        In other words, if we want to better control the appearance of white spots on the aluminum plate, we should not only pay attention to the appearance of the product in the process of processing, but also pay attention to prevention in the appearance processing, and standardize strict processing technology and processing technology, to prevent the formation of white spots. Clean white spots, pickling and alkali are fine, but you need to control the concentration, or spray paint to prevent aluminum and oxygen from being touched.
        For more information, come to our website www.mallhometrade.com for consultation!