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        Aluminum coil manufacturers after the production of aluminum coil, to test the finished product, this is a process before the production and shipment of plate. So what is the method of quality inspection of aluminum coil before shipment? This is a question worth exploring.
        After a large number of processing process, it will inevitably produce various defects and waste products. Therefore, in accordance with the relevant standards to detect the size of the sheet and surface quality. Beyond the standard size deviation of the finished plate surface should be smooth processing, the edge shall not have burr, crack, fold Angle, knock against and other phenomena. The surface defects shall meet the standards, the relevant standards or technical conditions, and be smooth, free from scratches, scratches, etc.
        The method of flatness inspection of surface quality of steel plate is to place the inspected steel plate on the inspection platform, check whether the surface of the steel plate has defects beyond the standard with the naked eye, and then check the gap between the plate and the platform. If it does not exceed the standard, it is qualified finished product. Alloy number, status code, thickness, batch number, serial number and qualified check mark shall be marked on one end of the qualified plate.

        Aluminum coil manufacturers think that in order to test the mechanical properties, internal organization, process performance of the finished plate, it is necessary to carry out cutting test on each batch of products in accordance with the standards and process requirements, so as to ensure that the quality of the plate meets the product standards and meet the requirements of users.
        Test mechanical properties of important products. If a sample is found to be unqualified during the mechanical property test, a second repeat test is carried out on the plate of the unqualified sample. If there is still one unqualified sample, it will be scrapped. The supplier may retest one sheet at a time the section represented by the nonconforming sample. Unqualified delivery shall be deemed invalid.
        In accordance with national standards, industrial standards, enterprise standards, technical conditions, technical regulations and other provisions, we carry out a comprehensive inspection and acceptance of the surface and mechanical properties of the products to ensure that we provide users with high-quality aluminum coil products. More content to the website www.mallhometrade.com consultation!