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        What should be paid attention to during the shearing process of aluminum plate? By clarifying this problem, we can better use it and improve production efficiency. Take a look.
        Scratch phenomenon: scratch phenomenon is more common phenomenon of shear domestic, in domestic aluminum push shears with shears the feeding port of friction, scratch, affected the appearance quality of the aluminum plate surface, if user Suggestions about the high quality demand of the plate after coated (surface coating line, aluminum) on shear processing.
        Accurate size: the length and width should be accurate and reasonable, and the diagonal tolerance should be controlled between 1-2mm. Of course, the shear of small specification aluminum plate can not be controlled so precise.
        Cutting edge neat: the cutting knife of part of the plate cutter is not sharp, which leads to the irregular cutting edge of the aluminum plate. It is recommended to look for large processing enterprises and new processing equipment when processing.
        In addition, the performance of aluminum plate has changed after treatment, and it can be better and faster to become corrosion resistant. It is necessary to do this:

        Pretreatment, aluminum plate manufacturers think that the first alloy aluminum plate surface cleaning, physical and chemical methods can be, the important key is to remove the aluminum plate surface naturally formed oxide layer, so that the aluminum plate exposed to the substrate. This is conducive to the complete reoxidation, the formation of the oxide film will be dense. Pretreatment can also be carried out using some mechanical equipment. Then the surface of the aluminum plate is oxidized with a common solution.
        Sealing alloy aluminum plate, after anodic oxidation, oxidation film will have many transparent film holes. The sealing of alloy aluminum plate is an effective means to seal these film holes and prevent the oxide film from being polluted. The oxide film is transparent and absorbent, so that some of the metal salts are deposited in the pores, allowing some of the original silver-white alloy aluminum plate or many other colors to show on the outside.
        What should be paid attention to during the shearing process of aluminum plate? The above is the related content of the problem, if you want to know more, come to our website www.mallhometrade.com consultation!