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        Aluminum plate is widely used in various industries with its unique advantages, and is becoming more and more popular. So how about the workability of aluminum plate? In order to better understand the aluminum plate, we need to understand the problem.
        Alloying aluminum plate is added various alloying elements in the process of aluminum plate processing to improve the mechanical properties and chemical indexes of aluminum plate. Moreover, alloy aluminum plate has some special properties that pure aluminum plate does not have, and is widely used in special environments, such as ships, refrigerators, molds, aerospace equipment and so on.
        The performance of machined alloy aluminum plate includes blade forming performance and cutting performance. Because formability is related to state, the strength range of various states must be considered after the selection of aluminum plate grade. But the machinability of aluminum plate is poor, the machinability of mold, mechanical parts and so on is better, on the contrary, the machinability of low strength is poor. For products that need to be cut, such as molds and machine parts, the machinability of the aluminum plate is an important consideration.

        Aluminum plate manufacturers remind you that the protective film should be removed within 45 days after installation, otherwise it may be difficult to tear the protective film or remove the glue. When the aluminum plate of the same color is installed on the same plane, the processing direction should be the same, otherwise it may lead to visual color difference. The arc shape should be machined slowly and hard using special bending equipment so that the plate gradually reaches the desired surface, not bending it at once.
        Aluminum plates require the necessary maintenance and maintenance to make the product more efficient and extend the service life of the product, so it needs to be prepared. For more information, please visit www.mallhometrade.com!