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      來源:http://www.mallhometrade.com  發布時間:2022-04-24 22:50:24  

        Aluminum coil is widely used in our life, the performance of all aspects of the visible good, but in the face of a large number of aluminum coil on the market, the quality is not the same, there are good and bad, so how to identify the quality of aluminum coil through the appearance of thickness?
        Aluminium coil quality can be distinguished by appearance, flatness and thickness tolerances. High quality aluminum coil surface oil free, no color difference and scratch, which can be distinguished by buying the appearance of aluminum coil, so it is recommended that users who do not buy aluminum coil experience can distinguish the quality of aluminum coil by very simple surface.
        Aluminum coil manufacturers remind you to choose high-quality aluminum coil or flat aluminum coil, scattered on the ground, you can see whether the aluminum coil has ups and downs. High quality aluminium coil has been corrected without noticeable ripple. The thickness should be measured with a professional micrometer. After completing the above steps, you can choose high quality aluminum coil.

        In addition, there are many voids on the surface of the anodized aluminum coil, and if it is not sealed or poorly sealed, the corrosion resistance of the aluminum profile will be reduced. The surface of aluminum is easy to naturally produce a dense and strong protective film, which can well protect the base material from corrosion. By artificial anodic oxidation and coloring, cast aluminum alloy with good casting performance or deformed aluminum alloy with good processing plasticity can be obtained.
        How to distinguish the quality of aluminum coil by its appearance thickness? The above is the relevant answers to the problem, we should also pay attention to the storage of aluminum coil is required, specific matters can come to the website www.mallhometrade.com for consultation!