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      來源:http://www.mallhometrade.com  發布時間:2022-04-28 19:06:43  

        Aluminum coil in recent years in the market demand is gradually increasing, you can think of the wide range of application of the product, and the use effect should be very good, so in order to let more people to use it. So why is aluminum coil widely selected in the market?
        Good insulation effect. It was found that a piece of aluminum foil was attached to the upper mold of polyurethane foam. After foaming molding, aluminum foil played the effect of release agent, and the other side was concerned with foaming, which enhanced the wind compressive strength of aluminum coil, which was enough to clarify the insulation property of aluminum coil.
        Fire insulation and heat insulation. Aluminum coil subjected to high temperature will not melt, but the formation of less smoke, solid anti-lighting hole charred and anti-flame extension; Even when the aluminum coil is in fire or under high temperature, because of its outstanding thermal insulation function, it is only the appearance of rapid heating up, the rapid production of coking and anti-flame extension and maintenance of the inner core does not fill the burning, showing an outstanding fire isolation function.

        It's very decorative. The rigid polyurethane with high thermal insulation performance is firmly bonded to the back of the aluminum coil by perfusion foaming. In addition, the surface of the aluminum coil is sprayed with fluorocarbon polymer resin. After this fluorocarbon spraying, the surface of the aluminum plate is resistant to acid rain, corrosion resistance and ultraviolet resistance, which can ensure that the coating does not fade, powdery and fall off for more than 20 years.
        Beautiful and durable. Aluminum coil manufacturers think that aluminum coil can be closely linked with the decoration surface material, not easy to fall, nor loose, enhance the wind pressure strength of the decoration surface. Decoration surface color diversity, can be processed into a variety of plate shape, can be a good performance of the construction of the characteristics of the decoration.
        Aluminum coil is widely selected in the market because of what? In summary, because the aluminum coil itself has good performance and many advantages, so it can be in demand in the market, so if you do not understand any problems in use, you can come to the website www.mallhometrade.com for consultation.