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        Aluminum coil is cast rolling machine after calendering, bending processing, for flying shear metal products. Widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery and other aspects, then aluminum coil in casting and rolling will occasionally have quality problems? How to rectify the solution?
        Air strip and slag
        The possible causes of aluminum coil in casting and rolling are as follows: the production process is not strictly implemented (refining is not in place), the gas removal outside the furnace is not in place (gas tank leakage), the aluminum water treatment is not in place, the filtration effect is not obvious, and the air moisture is too heavy. Rectification measures: one-time feeding, covering agent spreading according to the operation process, strengthening refining, solving the problem of air leakage in the degassing box, cleaning the aluminum water, adding filtration devices to ensure that the aluminum water is filtered.
        Long striate small cleft
        Possible causes of aluminum roll casting: tip skin damage or damage. Corrective measures: if the above problems exist, the plates will be broken immediately to ensure that the plates are in good condition during production.

        Article black.
        Possible problems in aluminum roll casting: the process is not implemented in place, and the aluminum water treatment is not good. Corrective measures: develop production process, strengthen aluminum water treatment.
        Clean cut
        Aluminum roll casting and rolling may be caused by the friction of the surface of the plate shearing machine. Rectification measures: rectification of the shearing machine stepping down surface.
        Aluminum coil has the characteristics of low density, long service life and beautiful appearance. It is an indispensable product for pipeline insulation in power plants and chemical plants. Aluminum coil manufacturers remind, in order to better use aluminum coil, prolong the service life of aluminum coil, then the storage environment of aluminum coil also have more strict requirements.
        To ensure storage environment to ventilation, dry places, don't put wet aluminum volume belongs to non-ferrous metal if touch will attack oxidation reaction with water, this will damage off aluminum roll surface, appearance can form a protective film, the exact words will form a piece of white oxidation, the appearance of affected, So a dry environment is a necessary condition for the storage of aluminum coils.
        Aluminum coil is also produced in many places, but when we buy, do not be careless, can be more contrast, so as to choose inexpensive aluminum coil. For more information, please visit www.mallhometrade.com for consultation.