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      Sometimes, the occurrence of a defect is related to many elements, which must be analyzed and eliminated one by one. This also applies to the use of various products. What are the five reasons why aluminum coils are prone to defects?
      1. Caused by defects in raw materials
      Coating and aluminum electromagnetic coil are good elements affecting coating quality. Due to the color deviation in the middle of the coating batch, the coating particle size is insufficient, the coating rate is not high, and the coating does not cooperate well with organic solvents. The difference of edge deflection value will also affect the product quality and overall application. Therefore, the selection of raw materials for aluminum coil should be strictly controlled.
      2. Causes of mechanical equipment defects
      The spraying equipment specified in the spraying production line is in good condition. The spraying equipment is required to operate stably without horizontal and vertical vibration. The spraying roller is required to be polished carefully. The horizontal vibration of most rollers of the coating machine must be controlled within the allowable standard range, otherwise the aluminum coil will seriously affect the coating surface quality.

      3. Caused by processing defects
      Spraying quality is closely related to spraying process. It is specified that the relative linear speed of spraying roller, painting roller, precision measuring roller and plate shall be controlled within the recommended range. The recommended viscosity range shall be set according to the film thickness of different systems and coating products, so as to ensure the smooth development of coatings and promote the improvement of product quality. The drying and curing process of the coating and the operation of the drying oven must be operated according to the requirements and cannot be changed at will, otherwise the production of the coating will be seriously affected
      4. Defects in the natural environment
      It is stipulated that the internal structure of the spraying room is clean, antifouling and mothproof, and the aluminum coil has the recommended natural ventilation characteristics to ensure that the painted surface quality is not polluted by the environment. At the same time, due to the change of temperature, the processing process standard should be changed immediately.
      5. Defects caused by human factors
      Aluminum coil manufacturers believe that the obligations of actual operators, technical proficiency and operation specifications of aluminum coil are very important to obtain high-quality spraying effect. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the learning and training of the actual operators, let the control personnel master the standards and key points of the spraying process, strengthen their obligations, strictly implement the actual operation of the operating procedures, and ensure high-quality spraying products.
      The five reasons why aluminum coil is easy to cause defects are the above contents. If you are interested or need, you can follow our website www.mallhometrade.com COM, contact information.