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      來源:http://www.mallhometrade.com  發布時間:2022-05-25 00:07:05  

      Roll coating is a key process in the production line of alloy aluminum plate coating. The quality of painting equipment, especially the appearance quality, will endanger the actual effect of aluminum plate decoration at the same time. So what are the key factors causing the commodity problem of aluminum alloy plate?
      1. Industrial equipment. The automatic spraying equipment shall be intact and operate stably without horizontal and vertical vibration. The cutting of the spraying roller shall be fine, and the horizontal vibration shall be controlled within the allowable area, otherwise it will directly affect the quality of the coating surface.
      2. Natural environment. The interior structure of the paint booth is clean, pollution control and insect prevention. It has the recommended air circulation characteristics to ensure that the surface quality of the paint will not be polluted by the environment. At the same time, when the temperature changes, the manufacturing process specification should also be adjusted.

      3. Raw materials. Coating and aluminum magnet coil are the main factors endangering the coating quality of colorful coated aluminum electromagnetic coil. Because of the tone error in the middle of the production batch number of the coating, the insufficient particle size distribution of the coating, the low coating rate and the inconsistency between the coating and the organic solution, the aluminum electromagnetic coil is uneven, the film thickness is uneven, the edge deflection value is poor, etc.
      4. Human factors. The proficiency and standard level of the actual operation technology of the staff are also harmful to the painting quality. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the understanding, learning and training of the operating staff, so that the staff can grasp the specification of the coating process and the key to the actual operation.
      5. Manufacturing process. The painting process is closely related to the painting quality. The relative angular velocity of painting roller, coating roller, accurate measuring roller and waterproof roll should be adjusted within the recommended area. The coating shall set the recommended viscosity range according to the system software and film thickness to ensure the quality of colorful coated aluminum plate.
      That's all for the key factors causing the problems of aluminum alloy plate products. If you have more questions, please pay attention to our website www.jndclyyxgs Com!