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      Casting technology of fine aluminum pipe
      Tons of exterior treated aluminum: monotonous silver white and brown do not match the bricks and exterior latex used by architects for exterior decoration. The new stainless steel, champagne, golden yellow, titanium, red series (vermilion, jujube, black, purple) and colored glass add to the decorative effect. These profiles must be chemically or mechanically ground and then oxidized to achieve good results.
      Electrophoretic coating aluminum: electrophoretic coating has a soft appearance and can resist the erosion of cement and mortar acid rain. In Japan, 90% of aluminum profiles are coated by electrophoresis. End electrostatic spraying aluminum: powder electrostatic spraying steel has good anti-corrosion function, and acid-base fog is obviously better than oxidized color steel. Plasma improved electrochemical surface ceramic aluminum: this material is the processing technology in the world today.

      Processing technology of fine aluminum tube
      During the high-temperature solution treatment of stainless steel, it is easy to form a layer of oxide skin aluminum tube with strong adhesion to the substrate. Therefore, select appropriate methods to remove the oxide skin on the surface of such workpieces timely and effectively, and reduce the surface roughness value, so as to smoothly carry out the next process and prevent corrosion on the surface of workpieces. The Conduit.
      It is of great significance to prolong the service life of the workpiece. As for the tubular part of long hard aluminum oxide pipe, it is easy to produce vibration and thermal deformation in the processing process because of its large length and diameter. Therefore, the processing of its internal and external surfaces has always been a difficult problem in actual production.
      It is found that the magnetic honing technology can remove the oxide skin on the inner and outer surfaces of long stainless steel tubes, and rough and finish the aluminum tubes. Emerging skills.
      Surface treatment process of fine aluminum pipe
      Aluminum coil manufacturers remind that there are many oxidation methods and methods for aluminum tube surface treatment. A layer of dense alumina film is produced on the surface, which reacts with the air again, improving the protection function of the aluminum tube. The oxide film isolates the internal free ions, making it unable to conduct electricity.
      Coloring after anodic oxidation - various colors are formed on the oxide film to meet certain application requirements. For example, optical instrument parts are usually black and medals are gold. Chemical oxidation - for general protection, the processing process is generally difficult and the production cost is low. Apply organic protective layer (paint and other organic coatings) - used for external protection and decoration of equipment, usually based on oxidation.
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