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      Profiled aluminum plate is a rectangular plate rolled from aluminum ingot, which can be divided into high-purity aluminum plate, pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy aluminum plate and improved composite aluminum plate according to the analysis of main alloy components; According to a certain thickness, it can be divided into thin plate, conventional plate, medium plate and thick plate. Aluminum plate is a lightweight material, which can provide a good choice of working conditions for high-level management building enterprises by reducing the building design load. Aluminum plate has good waterproof, antifouling and corrosion resistance, and can ensure the lasting appearance of construction projects.
      Selection problem: there are many types of profiled aluminum. Different models and colors of aluminum also have some performance differences. However, during the construction process, the construction personnel often ignore the aluminum model, color, variety and other problems. The use of aluminum plate does not meet the design requirements, which will affect the whole quality.
      Welding technology: in the process of construction management of aluminum plate installation project, aluminum plate welding is an important process. The quality of aluminum plate welding can directly learn the whole structure design quality of aluminum plate through influence. In terms of current development, there are great differences in the welding between many aluminum plate structures in many enterprises. The welding is not complete and firm, so that the interface between aluminum plate structures is loose, which is easy to leave a potential safety hazard.

      Ability of construction workers: aluminum plate installation is completed by people, and the ability level of construction workers directly affects the quality of aluminum plate installation. At present, most of the aluminum plate installers are farmers. Their cultural level is at the bottom. In the specific installation process, they are installed according to previous experience. Different projects have different requirements for aluminum plate installation. Such experience installation is prone to quality problems.
      Countermeasures to improve the quality of aluminum plate installation: there are many matters needing attention in the installation process of aluminum plate manufacturers. Not only the brand and quality of aluminum plate, but also the problems that need to be considered in the installation process of aluminum plate should be considered. To ensure the installation quality of aluminum plate, operators must strengthen the management of aluminum plate installation process in accordance with science and technology.
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