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      Aluminum profile section itself is ever-changing, and the aluminum profile extrusion industry has developed to this day. Aluminum alloy, aluminum profile section itself is ever-changing, organic and clean, good strength and other important advantages. At present, many industries have used aluminum profile to replace the original materials. Due to the particularity of some profiles, it is difficult to design and manufacture the die due to the special profile section. If the conventional extrusion method is still adopted, it is often difficult to reach the rated output of the die. Special process must be adopted to strictly control the production process parameters before normal production.
      To optimize the extrusion process and prolong the service life of the die, reasonable measures must be taken in the extrusion production to ensure the structure and performance of the die and to adopt the appropriate extrusion speed. In the extrusion process, the extrusion speed should generally be controlled below 25mm/s. When the extrusion speed is too fast, the metal flow will be difficult to be uniform, resulting in accelerated wear of the die working belt. The extrusion temperature should be reasonably selected. The extrusion temperature is determined by the die heating temperature, ingot cylinder temperature and aluminum plate temperature.
      The aluminum plate temperature is too low, which is easy to cause the extrusion force to rise or the phenomenon of stuffy turning. The mold is easy to have a small amount of local elastic deformation or cracks in the stress concentration parts, resulting in the early scrapping of the mold. Too high temperature of the aluminum plate will soften the metal structure, which will cause uneven adhesion to the surface of the working belt of the mold and even mold plugging (in serious cases, the mold collapses under high pressure). The reasonable heating temperature of the ingot after homogenization is 460-520 ° C, and the reasonable heating temperature of the ingot after homogenization is 430-480 ° C.

      During extrusion production, the mold insulation time is generally about 2-3 hours. When using the mold, the mold support, mold sleeve and support pad matching the mold should be provided to avoid too small the contact surface between the mold outlet surface and the support pad due to the large inner hole of the support pad, which will cause the mold deformation or fracture.
      Adopt correct alkali washing (mold boiling) method. After the mold is unloaded, the mold temperature is at 500 ° C. if the mold temperature drops rapidly, the mold is very easy to crack. The correct method is to place the mold in the air at 100 ° -150 ° C after unloading and then immerse it in alkaline water. After extrusion, the extrusion rod retreats before the extrusion cylinder, and the residual pressure is left in the extrusion cylinder, and then the extrusion cylinder retreats. At the same time, part of the residual aluminum in the mold shunt hole can be pulled out with the residual pressure, and then alkali boiling can be carried out.
      Aluminum plate manufacturers believe that the use of molds is from low to high and then to low strength. In the middle of the use of the mold, as the various properties of the mold have been basically in a stable state, the use strength can be appropriately improved. In the later stage, the metal structure of the die has begun to deteriorate, and the fatigue strength, stability and toughness have begun to fall into a downward curve after long-term production and service. At this time, the service strength of the die should be properly reduced until the die is scrapped.
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