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      1, wipe the dust:
      Although it is not easy to contaminate the dust is a great advantage of the drawing aluminum plate, the other big advantage is the special good reason. After all, the space of our life is filled with dust, and the dust on the drawing aluminum plate can be just as bright as the cloth is wiped gently. Do not let too much water stay on the drawing aluminum plate for a long time, which is very bad for the aluminum plate.
      2. Surface viscose:
      If there is glue on the surface of aluminum, such as some label torn down after the delay will leave glue, do not use this knife to scrape a weapon. If you can make sure that the product you use is better, it can be erased by ordinary rubber. If the material is poor, with a rubber will wipe the flowers, then you can use the hair dryer to blow the hot glue for a while, then you can easily use a cloth to wipe off dirt.

      3. Grilled paste in welding:
      Sometimes after the aluminum plate is welded, the surface will leave a layer of dirty dirt that is similar to the baked paste. This time the common cleaning method is difficult to achieve the effect of cleaning. At this time you need to sprinkle some dry flour on the dirty place.
      4. Blackening treatment:
      The rain will not be black, unless it contains a relatively large amount of acid rain, long time erosion will be blackened. But even if it is black, it is basically black after years of use, so it is generally not black, but we usually have to clean and wipe. Some families because of improper use or some other factors lead to aluminum blackening, this time with ordinary cloth is wipe away, but we need not worry, we can wipe through alcohol, or there is a professional aluminum cleaner gently rub on it.